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For some, dieting and exercise is all it takes to lose weight, but some are not as lucky. Depending on your metabolism it may be harder or you to lose weight. If this is the case, maybe it's time for you to consult a weight loss expert. If you're from Arizona, there are many health facilities which can help you in your problem. Check the yellow pages for a listing. When looking for an Arizona weight-loss clinic, look for the following:

1. Medical assessment and counseling - During your diet program, your health must be constantly monitored by a professional to check the general state of your health. This is especially helpful in seeing if the program that was given to you actually works or not. This also includes keeping track of your weight loss medications, progress and well-being.

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2. Lifestyle education - To change one's diet is to change a part of one's lifestyle. This can be pretty difficult to do on your own so professional help is needed. A doctor, nurse or nutritionist in an Arizona weight-loss clinic can look at the way you live and make suggestions on how modifying it to aid you in your weight loss goal. This part of a weight loss program would entail some behavioral modification but this is not to make the patient suffer. It may be hard, but the difficulties experienced during this period will certainly pay off in the end.

3. Personalized service - As each one of us are unique in our eating habits body types, health concerns, and lifestyles, a personalized program administered by an Arizona weight-loss clinic would be the most effective strategy in winning one's battle to lose weight.

4. Maintenance support - Once you've reached your ideal weight it might be easy to go back to your old ways. A good program would give additional help their clients to keep fit and their weights off.

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