Secrets of the Celebrity Weight Loss Patch

Even if you are not a star, you can still use a celebrity weight loss patch. A celebrity weight loss patch is a common appetite suppressant and fat burner in one but instead of ingesting it, you stick it onto a part of your body (i.e. arm, leg or behind your neck).


Considered as one of the most recent yet controversial weight loss product available in the market, the celebrity weight loss patch is designed to speed up your metabolic rate to make your body burn fat and calories faster. It also stimulates your thyroid gland and it helps with the breakdown of your fat tissues.

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A typical celebrity weight loss patch contains an ingredient called the Bladderwrack or the fucus vesiculosus, which is a kind of brown algae you can find in the shores and coasts of Ireland and Britain.

How bladderwrack works

The main ingredient of the weight loss patch used by celebrities increases the body's supply of iodine, which is needed for the stimulation of the hormones coming from the thyroid gland. this can increase the body's metabolic rate while regulating energy. The bladderwrack is also commonly used in homeophatic remedies. Rumor has it that it is also good for treating high cholesterol levels.

Side effects

Just like any other weight loss drug, the celebrity weight loss patch has side effects including skin irritation due to the adhesive. The FDA is warning us about excessive usage of the patch because it can lead to hyperthyroidism caused by an overdose in iodine. In fact, these patches are being seized from promoters and manufacturers because of their dangerous side effects.


The following people should not use or even attempt to use the weight loss patch:

1. Those with thyroid problems or complications.

2. Diabetics

3. Those with high blood pressure

4. Those with heart disease

5. Pregnant women.

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