Rapid Weight Loss Techniques

Have you ever got a head rush or "brain freeze" from eating your favorite milk shake too fast? I know that I have, and it can be a painful reminder for me to eat slower. The same thing applies to losing weight. Doing it to fast can cause problems that you don't want and it's always best to do it slowly. Let's discuss what you should do to lose weight in a slower and much healthier manner, ok?

The first step that an over-weight person should do is get medical advice. What I mean by this is seek a physician that will provide a thorough physical examination which leads to the determination of a proper weight loss technique. Once the physician determines the best approach for you, guess what you should do? Stick to it! Consistency is everything. So often dieters start off great and then a week later slip back into old habits. Stick with the plan for as long as it takes to achieve your goals.

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And speaking of goals, make sure you set realistic goals. So often, many dieters lose heart because their goals are way too high and unrealistic. Don't do this to yourself! Take small, baby steps toward losing your weight. For example, start off with saying "This month I plan to lose 5 pounds." Once you have reached that goal, then move on to your next goal,"This month I plan to lose 10 pounds." This works much better that starting off by saying you plan to lose 30 pounds in your first month which would cause a lot more problems than it's worth.

An exercise program is absolutely essential in ANY weight loss program. It's a must! Again, starting off small and being consistent are of utmost importance. For example, it is much more effective to start off exercising 10 minutes every day versus exercising for two hours once a week. Shorter time frames and a consistent exercising schedule are way more effective and easier approaches to achieving your weight loss goals. Don't be discouraged if walking is all that you can do. Just do it. After all, walking is proven to be the best exercise ever.

Keep away from fried foods and sugars. No matter what weight loss program you are on, these types of foods are not good or healthy for you. Decide on grilled foods in place of fried. They are generally always less fattening and taste better as well.

And probably THE number one rapid weight loss technique is drinking lots of fluids. Water, that is! Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day keeps the body refreshed. Since effective weight loss does depend on how the body gets rid of body wastes, it is crucial that the body stay hydrated.

Overall, the best practice for weight loss success is discipline and consistency. If discipline and consistency are applied each and every day, it will result in faster weight loss versus having one massive, ineffective action. This usually produces a return of bad, old habits and always leads to gaining more weight than when the weight loss plan was first started, which is what you're wanting to avoid.

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