Ear Staple - Acupuncture Weight Loss

So you've been trying to lose that excess weight you gained over the past couple of years and then you come across an article that describes a new weight loss program called "ear staple acupuncture weight loss." Now you're curious. The good news is, it does actually work. Yes, ear staple acupuncture weight loss is a new way to lose weight, no matter how strange that sounds.

A staple wire inside my ear?

Don't worry - the kind of staple wire and stapling device for ear staple acupuncture weight loss is different from that typical stapler you can buy from supply stores. The staple on your ear will not even resemble the typical staple wire you know. In fact, when you have your ear stapled with this new weight loss device, it will seem like you are wearing an earring... only not in its usual place.

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Why staple my ear?

Puncturing the auricular acupuncture (acupuncture involving the ear) is a weight loss technique that manipulates the pressure points on the ear to cause an effect on your health and control your cravings and addictions. This method has been used to cure chain-smokers and drug addicts, and if properly done by a qualified acupuncturist, may help you lose weight.

What are the dangers?

Be careful who you trust when having your ear stapled. If you do plan on using this type of weight loss regimen, make sure you let a qualified acupuncturist do it. Ear infections are the common side-effects of this technique. Once you have you ear stapled and you feel or see any signs of infection (swelling, pus, etc.) or irritation, see a doctor immediately to have the staple removed.

Some reports claim that when you have your ear stapled, you will experience excruciating pain in the jaw to the mouth, giving you a hard time chewing and opening your mouth--people jokingly say that maybe that's how this new weight loss phenomenon works: it prevents you to eat!

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